You are about to enter a website similar to a labyrinth. You will be able to follow a path into and then back from a number of destinations. There is an art to walking a labyrinth. It involves patience and calmness in knowing the path is designed for transformation and realization, not speed. Let the path set your pace, not a perhaps more accustomed habit of rushing through a website.

Along the way you will be introduced to the Society of Folk, beings of Light from an 11th dimensional realm pervaded with pure Love ... and to the writings and images they have shared with those chosen to initially represent them.

The Folk began their work on Earth in the year 626 A.D. with Aurial of Darluse Wood, a parchment maker in the South of England who wrote a message for Earth's future: our present day. He told of the potential for cataclysm and also Great Transformation.

The Folk continue their work in this day with the writings of environmental scientist Dr. Aubrey Manning. She has integrated her leading-edge work in predictive computer simulation with Folk wisdom to yield great insights into the broad range of ecological and societal problems that seem to engulf us today. At the risk of her life, she warns of immediate grave dangers.

You will also be introduced to Master Armaton, envoy of the Folk to Mother Earth, and to your own relationship with the Folk.

Prepare yourself, for as Master Armaton has said, "... the experience of transformation can be disconcerting at times." Yet it is, and has always been, our blessed and wondrous destiny!

Welcome to Folk Space